Monday, December 6, 2010



I have a Kenwood DPX-8070MJ Radio in my car. The battery on my car was changed and the radio was now requesting a Security code ( CODE****). I tried all tricks but in vain. Eventually i managed to unlock it.

Here are the steps of unlocking a DPX-8070MJ radio player:

(1) Press and hold the 1 and then the 6 preset key. There are 6 preset keys or buttons on the face my radio on the left side. The radio will display a "C" just after the "CODE****"

(2) You now need to enter the code "KCAR" using a Kenwood remote control (The remote control for my radio is RC-600J). Point your remote towards the radio

(3) Press Numeric Key "1" until the letter 'K' is displayed

(4) Press Numeric Key "2" until the letter 'C' is displayed

(5) Press Numeric Key "3" until the letter 'A' is displayed

(6) Press Numeric Key "4" until the letter 'R' is displayed
(7) Press "Ent" button on your radio and YOUR RADIO WILL BE WORKING AGAIN


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